Welcome To The Doers Creative

A community of faith-inspired doers embracing their wild imagination for the good of humanity.

About The Doers Creative

You are probably here because you have a bold idea for good, but just need a little help and encouragement to bring it life. If so, you've come to the right place. Faithonomics' Doers Creative brings together faith-inspired entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries of all faith traditions and provides them with the education and resources they need to clarify their call, develop their idea, and collaborate for impact. 

But, that is not all. 

While we are committed to helping make your vision a reality, we are also committed to your long-term financial and spiritual wellbeing in the process. Burnout and compassion fatigue is high among faith-inspired doers, which is why we also help you practice self-care, set healthy boundaries around work, and increase your financial fluency. We know your impact on this world is going to be great - so, we are prepared to help sustain you on your journey.

The Visionaries We Help

Do you just have just a few random thoughts on your notes app? Perhaps you have already secured a domain name and email address. Are you actively providing a service or product to the world? Regardless of what stage you are at in bringing your bold idea to life, you are welcome here. Our faith-inspired visionaries include:

  • Authors, Writers, and Poets
  • Digital Creators, Podcasters, and Vloggers
  • Social Entrepreneurs & Innovative Ministers
  • Nonprofit & Social Impact Leaders
  • And You!

Now, before you go saying, "oh, but I'm not really a visionary - maybe this community isn't for me?" Let us ask you these two questions:

  • Are you inspired by your faith to do good in this world?
  • Do you have an idea, a concept, or a vision for good?

If you answered yes to both these questions, then guess what? This community is exactly for you.

What's Waiting For You Inside


We get it. You have your choice when it comes to online education these days. But the Doers Creative is so much more a virtual database of knowledge - it's a community. Once inside you'll enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Featured Articles exploring a variety of topics such as "How to Craft A Compelling Mission, Vision, and Values Statement" and "Tips for Practicing Self Care As You Build Your Side Hustle."
  • On-Demand Audio, Video, and Visual Lessons providing digestible education and practical insights that you can begin implementing right away - from "Mastering the Show, Don't Tell Method In Your Writing" To "Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Target Audience."
  • Digital Coworking Sessions providing moderated space to come together in community and get stuff done. Hectic schedule? Don't worry - we also give you the space to host your own coworking sessions or find an accountability partner.
  • Focus Sessions connecting you directly with field experts and practitioners. From our monthly 'Writer's Group' to our 'Expert Office Hours' regardless of what you are trying to bring to life, we aim to help you do it!
  • Signature Events designed to help inspire you on your journey. From our Faithonomics Live! Virtual Speaker Forum bringing in leading voices of faith leaders working at the intersection of Faith and the Arts, Business, Politics, Social Impact, and Tech to our Doers Pitch event allowing you to practice pitching your bold idea for good to a panel of pitch experts, our Signature Events are curated specifically for the Faith-Inspired Doer.
  • Access To Our Priority Partners providing you with exclusive discounts and the network you need to move your idea forward. 

But Here Is What Really Set's Us Apart.

You. As we already mentioned, we are not just building a new online education platform, we are cultivating a community of faith-inspired doers ready to change the world. While we know that a more just and equitable world is possible, we also know that this is a journey that will require all of us to continue to grow, learn, and adapt together. However, we do have some core commitments that we plan to uphold from day one. Here they are:

  • We Are Committed To Cultivating Your Financial Wellbeing
  • We Are Committed To Elevating The Voices of Emerging Leaders
  • We Are Committed To Centering Practitioner-Led Education
  • We Are Committed To Collaborative Spirituality
  • We Are Committed To Transparency and Accountability
  • We Are Committed To Embracing (and Trusting) Our Wild Imagination

Have You Ever Wondered What Our World Might Look Like If Businesses Tithed? We Have.

Faithonomics - the organization behind The Doers Creative - is a social venture committed to eradicating poverty in our hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As a result, we have committed to funneling at least 10% of our profits to through The Wild Imagination Fund. When you join this community to start bringing your bold idea for good to life, you also help us make our vision of a world without poverty a possibility. See? You are already changing the world! Now, imagine what we can achieve together.

Are You Ready To Join Us?

We invite you to get started today with a free no-obligation 30-day trail. After the trail, you will be able to continue enjoying the creative through a special Founder's Rate of only $10 a month. Yes, you heard that right - all of this for only $10 a month! 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's start bringing your bold ideas for good to life.

The Founder's Rate special runs from April 15, 2024 until July 15, 2024. 

Not quite ready? We understand. We will be here when the time is right. You can return to the Faithonomics website here.

Interested in our Institutional Memberships for nonprofits, schools, and faith-based organizations? Introduce yourself by emailing us at [email protected]